Monday, March 11, 2013

Novelty Now - take advantage of Kris Law's newly-minted fame (photo exhibits worldwide and Best Actor recognition)

Newly arrived
 - since no one has done it before, that's why it's sure to succeed! 


*Certified Communications Coach (Prime Minister's Office), 
*Malaysian Top Host (Finalist), 
*Gillette Vector Challenge (Most Favourite Contestant), 
*Asian Television Awards 
* Honorary Jury for Anugerah Skrin (local film awards)

2) GREAT for your REPUTATION - gives you the position of future forward when hiring him, good will to you for using his talent and money-saving to the production budget. 

3) Effectively INFLUENTIAL - his rebellious signature SOLID POP image - Fiery Golden Shorts fame to immediately strike audience connection that transcends culture, politics and fashion. Star visionary to break racial segregation in his country and change perceptions worldwide regarding male beauty. 

4) WIDEST AUDIENCE attraction. Target markets ranging both sexes, old and young, both sexuality - gay and straight, YOUNG ADULTS , FAMILY , TEENAGERS and MATURE ADULTS .

Add INTERNATIONAL DIVERSITY to your cast by hiring KRIS LAW today!

Cellphone or WhatsApp: +60122350091 (MALAYSIA)

I AM READY TO GO NOW! I can fly to your country.

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