Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Novelty Value

Just arrived
6 years of solid recordHeight: 171cm, weight: 62kg, age:34

Known by 800 million fans worldwide. Still relatively UNKNOWN in the West but appeared in all popular media - CommercialsBlog , Facebook , Twitter , IMDb , Youtube and Films .

Ability to articulate, read and converse in English well through his acting. View the KRIS LAW range in acting, click ACTING PORTFOLIO 

* HARD WORKER - SURVIVOR of broken home - lost his father at age 3.

* EASY to work with anyone: down-to-earth, mature attitude. Ass-slapping worldwide appeal. Daring and risk-taker. 

* EXTENSIVE Acting Repertoire - Comedy, Drama, Love, War, Musical Fantasy, Autobiographical History, Artistic Horror, Pure Cinema, International.

Known by all major Hollywood film directors, producers & agents.

* Ability to channel his real life's hardships and experiences into acting. VERSATILE actor with YOUTHFUL looks and vigor.

* COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to movie project. STRICT with confidential matters, ability to keep secrets.

DOWN-TO-EARTH, cares not for fame, only to work as actor - the only job he knows how. Also knows how to be thankful & repays a kindness.

* IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY - since he has no one in this world, a lone ranger in a hostile world, DESPERATE to find work as actor for money is running out - due to country's race-based political system.

* FREE AGENT talent - unattached from any agency or company. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. 

* Dependable, guaranteed return of investment and ONE-OF-A-KIND. Since no one has done it before, that's why it's sure to succeed. 

Make your movie cast INTERNATIONAL.

Cellphone or WhatsApp: +60122350091 (Malaysia)

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