Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ying Yang Dual Sexuality - the all-new BOND BOY for SPECTRE

YING: Fragile, Soft, Seductive
AUSPICIOUS in every way - name (famous full initials: KLCC or simple 2-syllable: Kris Law), numeric (single, birthday 11 July - in conjunction with Hollywood summer blockbuster season) and nature (exciting dual sexuality).

* EASY to work with anyone: down-to-earth, mature attitude. Ass-slapping worldwide appeal. Daring and risk-taker. 

YANG: Masculine, Forceful, Unapologetic
* Ability to channel his real life's hardships and experiences into acting. VERSATILE actor with YOUTHFUL looks and vigor.

* COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to movie project. STRICT with confidential matters, ability to keep secrets.

* SOLID POP image - Golden Yellow Shorts fame to immediately strike audience connection.

* DOWN-TO-EARTH, cares not for fame, only to work as actor - the only job he knows how. Also knows how to be thankful and repays a kindness.

* Dependable, guaranteed return of investment and ONE-OF-A-KIND. 


Cellphone or WhatsApp: +60122350091 (MALAYSIA)

I AM READY TO GO NOW! I can fly to your country.

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