Monday, June 24, 2013

Box-office Guarantee: Market Capital $3 billion

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KRIS LAW has the market capital value at $3 billion - a combination of ASEAN and Indian markets.

KRIS LAW is the first ASEAN actor to debut in the world's biggest market. 

KRIS LAW's 4 biggest breakthrough as an artiste:

★ Malaysia's first male sex symbol to be banned for being non-Muslim, non-Malay and non-conformist.

★ First Malaysian actor to portray a gay character onscreen.

★ The only star in 3 competitive reality shows in 1 year.

★ Youngest non-Malay in an all-Malay jury panel for Anugerah Skrin awards.

1) GREAT for your REPUTATION - gives you the position of future forward when hiring him, good will to you for using my talent and money-saving to the production budget. 

2) First class EXOTIC Asian looks appeals to all first world Asian markets - Japan, Korea and China.

3) Dependable, guaranteed return of investment and ONE-OF-A-KIND. Since no one has done it before, that's why it's sure to succeed. 

4) HARD WORKER - SURVIVOR of broken home - lost my father to a car accident at age 3. Estranged from abusive mother and step-siblings. Bullied physically and verbally in school as a child and teenager. Abandoned and falsely labelled as outcast as an adult due to my race and often being told that I won't make it as a successful actor.

5) Ability to channel my real life's hardships and experiences into acting. VERSATILE actor with YOUTHFUL looks and vigor.

6) COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to movie project. STRICT with confidential matters, ability to keep secrets.

Kris Law Chin Chiang (KLCC)
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